Andreas Hoffbauer Profile. Who is Andreas Hoffbauer, Columbia University, University of Toronto



Visiting Doctorate Scholar
Department of Sociology
Columbia University 2015 - 2017

Doctorate Candidate
Department of Sociology
University of Toronto 2011 - 2017

I have extensive training in organizational evolution at the intersection of innovation, organizational learning, and entrepreneurship; engaging a broad range of research methodologies. I am currently conducting extended ethnographic research at an award winning architectural firm in New York City. I am complementing this information by interviewing industry leaders and emerging talents in a wide range of innovative companies across the United States in industries including: architecture, communication and industrial design, hardware and software development, life sciences and digital health, data and analytics, and media. 

My fascination with the emergence of the tech industry in the South Bay Area sparked my curiosity in how new industries are formed. As a narrative of perpetual renewal and the disruption of calcified markets, the entrepreneurs authoring the story of the digital revolution simultaneously became the architect of a new kind of organization. Namely one that is as heavily reliant on satisfying its current market demands as searching for value in new areas. The recombination and reimagination of resources involved in these searches became an enduring point of interest to me. 

In 2011, as a first year doctorate student tasked with the challenge of identifying a research project that would make a significant contribution to my field of study, I found myself increasingly turning to the stories of tech entrepreneurs and their cadres of workers who set the foundation for the digital economy. Serving as virtual mentors through their personal accounts and the historical profiles of the companies they built and markets they forged, it became clear that my search for a topic became my topic. How do novel ideas emerge in companies operating in rapidly chaining markets? More fundamental, what are the condition for search that foster the emergence of new ideas? Immersing myself in creative companies in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco was the logical next step to gain a first hand account of how this process of search unfolds in practice.